Audio 11 Feb

16-beats of amorphous guitar distortion

Spring Hall Concert
Audio 10 Feb

16-beats of delicious reverb (but compare the arpeggio to the previous post)

Audio 10 Feb

a 16-beat arpeggio played on scratched vinyl

Phone Call
Audio 1 Feb

a musical microcosm titled “Experience No. 1”

Experience No. 1
Audio 26 Jan

a stream of guitar consciousness from John Frusciante

Audio 10 Nov

16-beats of glitchy keyboard from Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Audio 26 Oct

one chord over 16-beats,
paradigm shoegaze

Audio 15 Sep

16-lo-fi-beats from Daniel Johnston (but its hard to know where the beat is at all.)

Walking the Cow
Audio 9 Sep

an infrequent 16-beat phrase from Animal Collective’s ‘April and the Phantom’

April and the Phantom
Audio 8 Sep

16-beats that might be 12-beats.

Nerves Normal, Breath Normal
Audio 8 Sep

16-beats I once used as a ringtone

Still Game
Audio 8 Sep

the climactic 16-beats from Radiohead ‘We Suck Young Blood.’

We Suck Young Blood. (Your Time Is Up.)
Audio 8 Sep

the best 16-beats in the whole Battles album

Audio 5 Sep

the best 16-beats to go without a title

Photo 17 Jun metronomic stopwatch
four bars, sixteen beats, in four : four

metronomic stopwatch four bars, sixteen beats, in four : four